Palmyra-Riverton Athletic Assoc.
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426 Linden Ave.
Riverton, NJ 08077
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Team Staff

Boys T-Ball
Boys TBall PR1 - Caione Caione, Rachel Coach
  Ortiz, Jackie Coach Jaxx.ortiz@gmail.con

Boys TBall PR2 - Sawyer Sawyer, Charles Coach
  Hemmons, Jason Coach
Boys Rookie
Boys Rookie PR1 Harris Harris, Kevin Coach

Boys Rookie PR2 DeLuca DeLuca, Nick Coach
  Rosica, Pete Coach

Boys Rookie PR3 Dash Zaneski, Matt Coach 856-373-2931
  Dash, Dan Coach

Boys Rookie PR4 Gillon Gillon, Furqan Coach
Boys Majors
Boys Majors PR1 Lamania Lamania, David Coach

Boys Majors PR2 Staszak Staszak, Tom Coach
Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth Kuhn Kuhn, Jeff Coach
PR Girls Instructional
Girls 8U Ferroni Ferroni, Steve Coach
  McGuckin, Tim Coach

Girls 8U Hemmons Hemmons, Jason Coach
PR Girls Minors
Girls 10U Bell Bell, Jim Coach

Girls 10U Fencl Fencl, Michelle Coach
PR Girls Juniors
Girls 15U Blue May, Chad Coach

Girls 15U Red May, Chad Coach
  Rex, Gina Coach 8568296512, 8568296512
  Tursi, Joe Coach
Boys Farm
Boys Farm PR1 Longo Longo, Mike Coach
  Ferroni, Steve Coach
  Yansick, Adam Coach 856-829-4906, 610-592-6556

Boys Farm PR2 Ridgway Ridgway, Justin Coach
Boys Kid Pitch
Boys Kid Pitch Cox Cox, Fred Coach
  McComb, Ted Coach
PRAA Boys D2 Team 1 Ray, Troy Coach 917-674-4592
  Howard, Tim Coach 8562663464

PRAA Boys D2 Team 2 Ray, Troy Coach 9176744592
  Howard, Tim Coach 8562663464

PRAA Boys D3 - Team 1 Longo Longo, Mike Coach 856-264-3339

PRAA Boys D3 - Team 2 Yansick Yansick, Adam Coach 8568294906

PRAA Girls D2 Pratt, Lailah Coach
  Iannacone, Lindy Coach

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