Pal-Riv AA Code

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Important information about youth and sports:
Kids participate in sports primarily because its fun. Adults need to keep it fun. Some adults get too emotional about youth sports because they are too concerned about how their kids are doing, have the mistaken belief that winning is very important, or have a desire for glory through their kid's success. Kids need to know that if theyre trying their best, they are winners. Parents need to remember that their kids will not be great at everything. Recognizing that, parents can help most by relaxing and enjoying these fleeting years. Set a good example. Children learn by example.

COACHS PLEDGE When I coach I will:

  • Remember that encouragement and praise for every child, not just the best athletes, are critically important to their self esteem and their ability to achieve the most they can.
  • Promote fun, friendships & learning new skills.
  • Seek no unfair advantages, except those of skill.
  • Only provide positive reinforcement and encouragement
  • Remember, its only a game, and have fun with it.
  • Treat umpires, administrators and opponents with respect and dignity.
  • Accept official decisions without looking angry or make negative remarks.
  • Always be professional, present myself as a positive role model, and set a good example
  • Concentrate on coaching, rather than on the accuracy of the umpire's decisions.
  • Teach each child how to win and lose with dignity and grace.
  • Promote the idea of providing the greatest good to the greatest number.
  • Provide clear guidelines and expectations for parental behavior at games, and ensure that everyone upholds the ideal of good sportsmanship and respect for all present.
  • Encourage fair sportsmanship. Treat all participants the way you would want to be treated.
  • In all these things, lead by example.
PLAYERS PLEDGE When I Play I will:
  • Have fun, make new friends, and learn new skills
  • Be a good and supportive teammate
  • Be generous and kind when I win or lose and be fair and honest, always, no matter what the circumstance
  • Obey the rules of the game. Listen to, and respect the coaches, officials, and umpires at all times
  • Recognize that striving to win, rather than winning itself is what is important in sports and life.
  • Remember that striving to win means doing the best you can
  • Set a good example by my behavior.
PARENTS PLEDGE When Im at a game or practice, I will:
  • Be positive or quiet
  • Not be loud or confrontational towards others: players, coaches, umpires, or spectators.
  • Acknowledge that failing to show respect for people who are doing the best they can sets a bad example for our children and can result in my expulsion from the field
  • Not allow myself to be drawn into making a negative or confrontational response to someone else who is acting inappropriately
  • Acknowledge that making mistakes and losing are part of life and I will be tolerant of the mistakes of players, coaches, umpires, and all other participants. I recognize that mistakes are opportunities for learning.
  • Not coach or give suggestions as a spectator and will leave the coaching to the coach.
  • Recognize that children will benefit more from positive examples, praise, and encouragement, than from criticism and negative yelling
  • Be kind and respectful to my childs coaches, teammates, and officials
  • Recognize and appreciate that my childs coaches volunteer their personal time to provide a recreational activity for my child and that they are providing a valuable community service, with no expectation of reward other than the personal satisfaction of serving the community and making a positive difference in the lives of Pal-Riv children
  • Seek to help the Pal-Riv Athletic Association through volunteer efforts when possible
  • Recognize that the umpire is a symbol of fair play, integrity, and sportsmanship and to not openly question the umpire's judgment, honesty, or integrity
  • Recognize that many umpires are young adults who are learning how to officiate and deserve our understanding and have the right to make the best call they can even if others disagree with the call
  • Accept the results of the game, and encourage my child to be gracious in victory and defeat
  • Encourage my child, and their fellow players, to have a positive attitude and to see that mistakes and defeat are opportunities to learn and improve
  • Remember that a childs memory of the game will not be who won or lost but how they felt and that as their parent I have a more significant impact on their feelings and self esteem than the outcome of the game.
  • Set a good example through my behavior and my comments.
The Palmyra Riverton Athletic Association has adopted this code of conduct for the organization. We are committed to the principles outlined in this code. Failure to abide by this code of conduct may result in disciplinary action, including expulsion from the association, or possible criminal prosecution under New Jersey State Statute. Disciplinary action will be decided by the Palmyra Riverton Athletic Association Executive Board. Adopted by Palmyra Riverton Athletic Association November 2004 Revised - December 2007