PRAA Equality Statement

Published by Pal Riv Secretary
Jun 19, 2020

We, the Palmyra Riverton Athletic Association, players, parents, and board, represent a widely diverse culture. This diversity, which is part of our strength, makes the events of the past few weeks that much more difficult for us all.  As a result, we’d like to reaffirm our commitment to embracing inclusivity and being part of the struggle for fairness and equality for all. Sports can be a place of unity and acceptance where all players and coaches learn from one another. Racism, bigotry, and discrimination, in any form, have no place in our organization, our sports, or society as a whole.  We as the Board hope that Pal-Riv Athletic Association offers programs that can bring out the best in people and be an active platform to teach our children that the differences between us are what makes us great.  We hope to celebrate these differences and through our actions provide a safe space to move beyond talk but move to actions that not only acknowledge the historical racism and injustices but provide support for paving new paths to eradicate them from our sport and society as a whole. We’re committed to working together, both within our organization and within our community, to move our world closer to unity, understanding, and inclusivity.  We hope to sponsor community-building activities and offer spaces to openly discuss issues of systemic racism and ways to ensure that they are not a part of our Pal-Riv community.  We hope to network and partner with other organizations with similar goals to actively commit to this goal.  We hope to partner with our schools, townships/municipal leaders, and our law enforcement officials to find appropriate ways to unify us all.


We are listening.  If you have suggestions, ideas, questions, concerns, please bring them up to the board.  We want to do more.  We will do more.